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AI Skills, Human Wisdom

At VENQ ai, we're not just here to play nice; we're here to conquer. With a decade of experience in the trenches of community management, we've harnessed the raw power of AI to obliterate obstacles and take your online community to the next level.

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Revolutionizing Web3 Crypto Community Management

VENQ ai is a solution your crypto community management needs. The struggles? Please, we've counted – over 20,000 blockchain companies nodding in agreement. VENQ ai thrives on challenges, ready to pounce. Just think about it: 24/7 support, responses faster than a caffeinated cheetah, and community management so efficient it's practically a superpower. Your communities are about to be managed like they've never been managed before. Get on board with us.

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Meet venq ai visionaries


Pavlo Karapinka

CEO & Co-founder


Serhii Denysenko

CTO & Co-founder


Nikita Smohorzhevskyi



Ruslana Safina



Stanislav Petriv



Bohdan Chernenko

Marketing Manager


Volodymyr Melnyk

Content Lead


Liliia Kryvan

Project Manager


Demian Kostelny

Tech Team Lead


Oleksandr Ananiev

Front-End Developer


Mariia Shevtsiv

UI/UX Designer


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Hear what the CEO, CMO, and crypto marketers say about VENQ ai

Community managers are only acting as a moderator and could be easily replaced by bots. They can answer questions and provide instructions, but we want them to act more like marketers. We need them to build funnels to engage community members with our product and understand that the community is an important part of our funnel.


Oleg Bevz

Marketing director at Hacken

Quite often community managers acts too robotic. So why don’t replace them with robots? Initially, we started working with the agency for community management. But that experience was time-consuming and rather unsuccessful. Just default answers and zero proactivity.



Co-founder at Sinesis One

Looking back, I realize that a solution like VENQ would have made my life much easier and helped the project move much faster. Community managers’ onboarding was difficult, especially in the beginning.



CMO at Cirus Foundation

The level of community managers’ awareness of crypto is pretty low. Security. There were times when a community manager clicked on phishing links and caused trouble. The human factor is not the best thing in community management. The problem is that the community manager may simply ignore questions.



Community Lead at Cuberium

In terms of the XDAO community, right now I am not looking for attracting new community members, but rather strive to re-engage the existing ones. And here is where I really feel a lack of web 3.0 relevant tools.



ec CMO at XDAO

There is a simple way to make your crypto project shine

To be on the same page with the community. Now you have a tool for that. Get in touch for a personalized approach for your project.

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Frequently asked questions

What is VENQ ai and its purpose?

VENQ ai is an AI-driven Community Management Platform. Its purpose is to help community managers handle low-level tasks. Working with community management can become very time-consuming and start to take more time than one person can do 😥. If you can say that having 24/7 support, immediate responses, and efficient community management are the problem, then VENQ will be the solution.

How does VENQ ai work?

VENQ ai is an all-in-one helper for CM, working everywhere and at any time! (different languages, platforms, and time zones). You can even give your AI bots a personality with "uwu" and emojis responses. AI won't forget to add, choose their sense of humor by cracking dad jokes, and set some "no-go" rules. It's all about making community management a thing to be proud of✌, not a place of shame😣.

What features does VENQ ai offer?

VENQ ai is like a community superhero. It gives you instant answers, speaks with the power of GPT-4, and hangs out on both Telegram and Discord. It's got the tools to keep your community rocking, like announcements and games. Plus, it's like a mood ring for your community, telling you who's in the party mood!

Is VENQ ai suitable for different types of projects?

Absolutely! VENQ AI doesn't pick favorites. It's like an all-you-can-put Web 3.0 degen buddy for:

  • Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) with active community members;
  • Web 3.0 projects with over 100 active community members daily;
  • Enterprises in the Web 3.0 space;
  • Web 3.0 service providers for SMBs and enterprises.

Everyone gets a bit of it!

Are there competitors for VENQ ai?

While there are other AI solutions, VENQ ai is the coolest Web 3.0 solution on the community management block. Why bother about other tools if this one works the best of all AI for community management? 🤔

Can I customize the AI bots according to my project's needs?

Absolutely! With VENQ ai, you're the boss. You can make your AI communication match your style, tone of voice, and humor with all the rules you want. It’s like a universal soldier of the AI world!

Does VENQ ai provide any insights into the community's mood and engagement levels?

You bet! VENQ ai is not just a manager; it's also a mood reader. It offers insights and analytics to help you understand how your community feels and how engaged they are. This feature gives you an improved view of things in community interactions.

Are there any limitations to VENQ ai's capabilities?

VENQ ai is awesome, but sometimes, when things get tricky or sensitive, you might need a human touch to sort things out. AI can't do it all, but that’s for now, with time even such cases might be easy to handle! 😄

What makes VENQ ai different from other AI community management platforms?

VENQ ai is like a specialized superhero for your special case with many things inside! It's not a one-size-fits-all solution like regular customer support AI, but a tailor-made for managing every blockchain community in its way to meet the expectations!😤

Does VENQ ai prioritize user privacy and safety?

Absolutely!💎 VENQ.ai takes user privacy seriously and provides you with:

  • Data Protection;
  • Compliance;
  • Secure Communication;
  • User Control;
  • Transparency.